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Ize Iyamu Deputy Gani Audu Accused of Drinking Alcohol by PDP Muslims !

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IZE IYAMU running mate, guzzling Alcohol as against the sacred doctrines of the Islamic religion, which he is a teacher of.

Mallams are teachers of the Koran in mosques, so they are expected to practice what they preach. They are expected to be of good behavior and maintain good conducts in line with Islamic provisions. But surprisingly, Mallam Gani Audu was spotted gulping chilled bottle beer.

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Me: I personally am not against beer, but I’m against the hypocrisy and the irresponsibility Gani has displayed here. If you cannot be responsible to your religion, how can you be responsible to your people? Imagine the disaster a combination of a fake Pastor and a fake Mallam will cause Edo people. Edolites, be and cast your vote for Godwin OBASEKI!

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