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6 More TV Shows That Need To Go The Way Of The Kardashians

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It takes a lot to upset our Nanna (pictured above but not really). So it’s with heavy hearts that we report – and you may want to sit down for this – that after 20 seasons, Keeping Up With Kardashians will cease production next year. Soz for your loss etc, etc.

While there will undoubtedly be millions mourning the demise of the series, there will be just as many – if not more – who are surprised that it still exists. TV shows, like all cultural products, reflect the era they’re made in and only a select handful endure repeated watchings. Think The Wire or The Sopranos.

Not coincidentally, those at the top of their game know when to walk away with their rep intact. Broadchurch and Seinfeld are just two examples. Too many others hold on just too long – the televisual equivalent of flogging a dead serialised horse – clogging up the bandwidth and airwaves, preventing younger fresher voices coming through.

It’s not often we say this, but perhaps it’s time to follow the Kardashian’s lead and say goodbye to the following.


Big Brother

When the first series debuted on Australian tv, Billie Eilish had not been born. Back then the idea of watching people under virtual house arrest was a genuinely novel idea. But in Covid-laced 2020 it’s just how we live now.  Add to this that we’re on Zoom for more hours than we want to be looking into the homes of people we barely know and the allure dims even further.


Law & Order SVU

Look, we love a police procedural as much as the next guy – not to mention OG Ice T playing a cop in a deliciously ironic twist – but it’s been 21 years. You know what sort of actual crimes you have to commit to go to jail for that long? Admire the dedication, we really do and the valiant attempt at current storylines, but surely Olivia Benson is due her retirement?

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The Walking Dead

Credit where it’s due, the first few years were mindblowingly good TV: a character-driven exploration of humanity against a zombie background. It even brought to the fore complex questions of race and privilege but when was the last time you heard someone say, “Did you see the latest episode of The Walking Dead?” You know things are getting dicey when long disappeared characters magically appear as in the upcoming season 10 and a kid focussed spin off is rumoured.



Mark Harmon, the lead character in this series, is 69 goddamn years old and while he does an admirable job, there are times when he looks like he just needs a porch and a sit down. As do we.


The Simpsons

Before you start sending off angry comments, please believe us when we say it hurt like hell to include the series that virtually raised us. But its glory days in terms of writing, subject matter and character development are behind it. Just look at the Apu controversy. Now it just feels like another marketing tool to get us to sign up to Disney.

Young Sheldon

The series that spawned this – The Big Bang Theory – ran 12 seasons and arguably overstayed its welcome. While some credit must be given for focusing on a character that may be on the autism spectrum, it feels a bit like blood from a stone – the series, not the acting. Sure, the kids may love it but they also love eating their own snot.

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